Monday, June 26, 2006

Mahdi's chosen

This is an article published in the last issue of the Ovi magazine - Ovi lehti

While Iran's mullahs and the west are thinking about the next step after the proposals for Iran's nuclear program from the EU, an Iranian friend of mine - not the known parasite and informer of the mullahs, he's not a friend of mine - sent me some information coming from Iranian blogs, supporters of the pathetic president puppet Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

According to the Shiite traditions, the ruling cast in Iran, Muhammad al-Mahdi or simpler Mahdi, an Imam who disappeared mysteriously a few hundred years ago is supposed to return one day and bring back safety and peace for the Muslim nation, and then destroy all its enemies. I suppose here we can include, according to the ayatollahs and their puppets, three-quarters of the globe.

According to all these bloggers, Mahdi's time is coming and when he comes the USA and Israel are going to vanish from the map. The EU will be Muslim and we will all be dead! I'm sure you think that all this is laughable and you are probably think if it is worth continue to read, since the whole thing sounds like pulp fiction. Well, it is getting better.

Ahmadinejad claims that he communicates with Mahdi. The bloggers don't make it clear if they communicate through a satellite telephone or with text messages, or even e-mails and Skype, but he does! According to Ahmadinejad's conversations, they have a 'private communication channel' and that does not include Al Jazeera to their great disappointment. Are you on the floor laughing? Wait, more is coming.

According to these bloggers, good old Ahmadinejad is intentionally provoking USA so they will invade Iran and Mahdi will come earlier to save his believers. You see Mahdi is watching CNN and when he will see the green screen and bombs exploding, he will pick up his newest NOKIA, call Ahmadinejad and then, riding his white horse, will attack the Americans.

Please take it seriously, Mr. Ahmadinejad, the joke president of Iran, asked all his ministers, advisers, etc., in the Iranian administration, a.k.a. 'board of little dictators', to sign a declaration of commitment and obedience to Mahdi. It's like the Finnish president asking the same from the Finnish administration, but, instead of Mahdi, she would write to Thor and Odin.

There is the argument that President Bush has often claimed his communication with God, but at least he has only a couple of more years and then they will communicate in private for good. I know I have made you tired with my articles about Iran, but as I have said before however boring it might get we must often remind that there are really dangerous people and we must help the Iranian people to get rid of them - by themselves please, no need for another invasion.

I don't know why, but the whole thing reminded me of something I've read on a wall in Athens a long time ago, clever graffiti that said: "Marx is dead, God is dead and I don't feel very well lately!" Well, people like Ahmadinejad don't make me feel very well either!

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