Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mass murder in Australia

From Ovi magazine

The pictures of dead nature, humans and life from Australia that are circulating around the world this moment are horrifying and there are no words to describe the catastrophe on so many levels. Actually, the only thing that made sense was the Victoria State Prime Minister’s tears on the television screens that also went around the world.

The fires continue this very moment I’m writing this and the number of dead increases, the size of the lost forest and the animal life and habitat and the remaining question is flee or fight. Flee from what? Flee from your own land, the place of your birth and breath? How can you? And then again fight what? It's not the fire only, it's not the wind only, it is these beasts in the shape of human, the arsonists who started this crime and now they are nothing less than mass murderers. And all that for what? For a few more silver coins because that is what the earth is worth to them, just a few more silver coins.

It is something like fifteen years ago I found myself inside a burned forest and it was over six months since the incident had happened; a few of you might remember the big fires in central Greece in the mid-eighties. It just happened for me to go through the area that had been burned and I just had to stop the car, I couldn’t continue and it was like a tombstone had fallen over me, the picture was simply devastating. I know you might say that they are trees but for me that moment there were dead souls all around and the thought that among them there were human souls it was just unbearable.

australia_400Because of what I saw and the way this picture has been haunting me through the years I’ve been watching the progress happening in the area and the results of the investigation. The police a few months after the incident announced that it was arson for sure; they had found proof but not proof to deal to anybody specifically so the case followed other similar taking a code name, a number and be stored in one of the file cases they have. However one thing that at least I have learned reading mystery stories is that there is no crime without motive and in any case you should search first for the motive and that would lead you to the guilty.

A few years after the fires the local authorities and some organizations patiently tried to do something about the lost forest mainly planting young trees and taking care of them hoping or perhaps dreaming that they will help the rebirth of the forest and it is somehow true, the forest reborn it was just …less than a tenth of its original size! What happened to the rest? Where trees were growing, were animals enjoyed, hunt and lived having their offspring today there are rich villas and luxurious cottages, asphalt roads and cabriolets, there are even hotels and tourists’ shops you see the sea is not that far!

I presume you can see the motive, you can see the result of the crime and most likely the guilty has a name. Everything happened because of the greed of the few which naturally leads to another series of questions, what the state is doing and furthermore what is worth a human life? Coming to the fires in Greece I’m very disappointed even to dare try answer, the state has long proved inability and please think how much this costs me to admit when it comes to my own country and I really hope the tears of the Victoria State Premier John Brumby were not for the show and he will do the necessary to catch and exemplary punish the guilty but regarding the cost of life I have no idea how they calculate it and how these monsters can sleep at night.

But is not just the human life, here there is something far more important if you could ever compare, there is the collective well being, is the life of all of us because every single inch of lost forest replaced by concrete costs far more than just money, it costs to the future, to our kids to all our lives. Why do they think environmental issues have taken so huge dimensions to become even a theme of talk for the American presidential election, to become a reason for international worry and part of the problem that reaches even the economic growth of nations? Every inch of burned forest in the far away Australia, every lost each of rainforest in the far away south Africa is another piece missing of our survival, the well being of our families and our kinds and one step closer to the nightmarish pictures we see in these cult fiction films of sixties and seventies.

The fires in Australia continue and I’m really afraid that the number of the dead, human and nature will continue equally increase and the question flee or fight sounds more dramatic every second for the people there. The feeling that there is the possibility that human beings or at least some called human beings are behind those fires is at least discussing and what the Victoria State Premier John Brumby said is just truth, these people must be arrested soon and accused for mass murder!

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