Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is an article published in the last issue of the Ovi magazine - Ovi lehti

It's said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but why didn't we feel flattered when somebody tried to copycat the Ovi magazine? On the contrary, we felt anger. It was not the anger you feel when somebody steals something of yours, it was the sort of anger that brings every possible swearword you learnt in all possible languages.

It's said, and I can verify it myself, that when burglars rob your house you always have the funny feeling that somebody is still there. The feeling in Ovi magazine is much different, how did they dare to do that?

How did they really? In a first communication with somebody Ari something Paskanen, the excuse was…we didn't know and we checked the Net, but we didn't see anything. I suppose that's the problem with the Internet in Alpha Centaury, bad connections.

Here on Earth, Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and other search engines find Ovi magazine sometimes up to 180,000 times. Most of them have Ovi magazine second or third when you search for 'Ovi' and guess what? When you try Finnish words like 'Ovi Lehti' or even 'Ovi Sanomat' Ovi magazine is magically there first!

When Mr. Jone Nikula decided to open the Ovi (Ovi in Finnish means 'door') of imitation and copycat he probably didn't realize that he had opened Pandora's Box. It's only left for us to see if his Pandora's Box has viruses and monsters just like the original did. So, inspired by all this we decided to make this month's issue a special about copycats.

Going through the articles we have written to cover this issue of copycats I drew one conclusion and I hope you will excuse me because I can find no better words to express myself: People who commit imitations and copycats are doing nothing more than masturbating with their failed ego. That's enough about copycats because at this very moment there are more important things happening that we should concentrate upon.

While writing this editorial Israel continues the demolition of Lebanon. I don't care for the excuses, actually they sound very poor and sad - I care for the poor kids and innocent people who die every moment. I care that Israel, a victim of genocide, has turned to mass murderer ignoring any civil right. I care that the west is closing their eyes creating more anti-terrorist excuses for their policies.

I care that the Arabs are ignoring the number of deaths that are rising as they take care of the price of oil. I care that 30 years have passed since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and nobody seems to be doing anything to punish the criminals. On the contrary, they ask the victim of the rape to negotiate and finally, like one of my blog-friends wrote: I care about what happened with justice, simple human justice.

Thinking about all these things while bombs were falling in Beirut, I found out that I could - not that I didn't want to - I could not write anything about it. The reason is very simple, the two scared kids I was watching the other day crying in front of their house in pieces might not be alive next week. I'm not becoming melodramatic; I'm just saying something that is possible. And that sunk me. Sunk me into desperation. My only defense, my only weapon is my pencil and using it once a month then it becomes blank.

You see that's what I meant before when I said that I didn't want to talk anymore about these masturbators of their ego because there are more serious problems and I want Ovi magazine to fulfill its reasoning by expressing and screaming opinions when things happen, since that's the only weapon we have. We are thinking about it and soon we will act and I promise you will be the first to know.

Anyway, from this issue we welcome a new writer, Jane Eagle, a cybermate I met in the wonderful world of blogs, who will be writing a column called 'Jane of Thought'. By the way, I think in the near future we must have an issue about blogs, since I made many and wonderful friends in there, people who have too much to say and they are always invited to join us in the Ovi Project.

We have all the usual suspects enriching our Ovi magazine with their work and some more to come in the near future. Actually, I started dreaming again and we promise that surprises will come soon from the Ovi Project.

Enjoy the issue


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